Skin Tightening

Have you begun to notice a few fine lines and wrinkles?  If you have, you are
not alone!  Wrinkle ‘therapy’ is one of the leading cosmetic treatments in
America.  Don’t be self conscious of showing your age, you don’t have to!  
Brush aside your worries and know that Ellan Laser MedSpa has a treatment
that is just right for you!

How It Works
The laser uses its light energy to penetrate deep into the skin tissue.  This
heats the skin causing remodeling and regeneration of collagen (collagen
gives skin that smooth, young look). Your older skin is replaced with new,
younger, healthier looking skin.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?
Wrinkles are caused by different factors including exposure to the elements,
genetics and age.  The number of treatments needed will depend upon the
severity of the treatment area.  Contact Ellan Laser MedSpa for a free
consultation to find out which treatment is right for you.  Most patients see
results in as little as four to six treatments.

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