Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose laser hair removal?
There are three different contemporary treatments for the removal of
unwanted hair: waxing, tweezing and depilatory crèmes.  The permanent
hair removal treatment of electrolysis was most recently introduced.  
These treatments all lack in different areas.  Whether they be too painful,
time consuming, messy or costly over the long haul, none can compare to
the ease and comfort with which laser treatments are done.  Ellan Laser
MedSpa can use different laser treatments to treat many different skin
types.  Comfort, effectiveness, ease and permanent reduction of hair is
what gives laser treatments the edge over all the previous methods.

Are laser treatments safe for everyone?
Yes.  Ellan Laser MedSpa is equipped with the latest in laser technology,
which allows the doctor to formulate a treatment plan that is safe and
effective for all skin types.

Who can operate a laser?
The State of New Jersey requires that the laser be operated only by a
licensed physician.  Dr. Rena Burghli is licensed in Medicine and Surgery
by the state of NJ Board of Medical Examiners.  She is also certified by
The American Board of Laser Surgery.  She will use her expertise to
design a personalized treatment plan which is right for you.
Are laser treatments covered by insurance?
Generally, aesthetic and cosmetic treatments are not covered by medical insurance.  You should speak with
your insurance agent to find out more.

How much will each treatment cost?
There are many different factors which effect the cost of treatments.  For example, the type of laser treatment
and the area to be treated.  Ellan Laser MedSpa will work with each patient on an individual basis to design a
treatment schedule and payment plan that fits your budget.  For your convenience, Ellan Laser MedSpa accepts
cash, personal checks, credit cards and we also have no-interest financing available.  Contact us today for a free

How often and how many treatments will I need?
This depends on the treatment type and the area being treated.  Please refer to the page corresponding to the
treatment you are interested in or contact our office for a free consultation to find out what treatment
specifications are right for you.

How long is the laser treatment session?
The length of treatment is determined by the overall size of the area being treated, and the procedure type.
Small areas, for laser hair removal such as an upper lip, may take a few minutes.  While larger areas, such as the
back and leg, can require up to 30 minutes.  More involved procedures that require patient prep can take up to
one hour.

What happens during a laser treatment?
Because each laser treatment is performed by a physician, you will have a consultation that details your
treatment plan.  During your treatment, the physician will start by calibrating the laser based upon your
individual treatment plan.  You will be provided protective eyeware.  The doctor will then proceed with the
treatment.  Most procedures will also be paired with the use of a cooling air system for utmost comfort.  

Does the laser treatment hurt?
Discomfort is minimal.  The majority of patients describe the laser pulse as a sensation similar to the snapping of
a rubber band on your skin.  Ellan Laser MedSpa’s state of the art lasers are targeted for different skin types and
procedures.  This allows for achieving the most effective results with the least amount of discomfort.  Most
procedures will also be paired with the use of a cooling air system to further reduce discomfort.  Lastly, for extra
sensitive areas, such as bikini or upper lip, the doctor will apply a numbing cream prior to your treatment.

What can I expect after the treatment?
After the treatment is done, some patients have experienced redness or slight irritation in the treatment area.  
This discomfort is usually gone within 1-2 hours.  The doctor may give you a cold pack to help relieve any
discomfort.  It should be noted that most treatments do not interfere with your daily routine.  You can return to
work or play immediately after leaving our center.  The only restriction is avoidance of sun exposure immediately
after a session.  If you plan on being in the sun, please use sunscreen (SPF 30+).  At the end of your treatment,
you will be provided with post treatment instructions specific to your procedure.

What body areas can be treated with laser hair removal?
Virtually any area of the body can be treated.  This includes the Abdomen, Back, Beard, Breast (Areola),
Buttocks, Perinea, Cheeks, Chest, Chin, Ears, Eyebrows, Feet, Forehead, Legs, Bikini Line, Hairline, Arms, Hands,
Lower Back, Lower Leg, Neck, Shoulders, Thighs and Underarms.
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